Two Ingredient Vegan Strawberry Nice-Cream

Craving ice-cream but don’t want the guilt?

This quick and easy dairy-free strawberry nice-cream is made with just plant milk and frozen strawberries so you can eat as much of it as you like! I love eating this way, knowing exactly what is in my food and not having to worry about calories or portion sizes. Especially when it comes to treats like this!

It’s so simple that I don’t feel right even calling it a recipe but scroll down to see how I make it!


  • 300g frozen strawberries
  • 700ml plant milk (I used cashew)


  1. Take the strawberries out of the freezer and leave them to soften for around 15 minutes before blending to make it a little easier on your blender!
  2. Once the strawberries have defrosted slightly, add them to your blender along with half of the plant milk, pulse for a second at a time. You may have to remove the container and shake it a few times or open it and push down the sides to allow everything to blend.
  3. Add in the rest of the milk and pulse again a few times until everything is smooth. Make sure there are no pieces of frozen strawberry!
  4. If your strawberries are very frozen you may have to add some more milk or water to help them blend.
  5. Transfer into your favourite bowl, you can get my one here.
  6. Top with whatever toppings you like! I had mine with walnuts, pecans and desiccated coconut, so good!

And that’s it! You could also add agave or maple syrup if you’d prefer it to be sweeter but I found my were strawberries sweet enough.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little recipe! Thanks for reading.

Love, Áine.

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