Brush Up On The Spectrum Of Beauty

Did you know that your makeup looks so much better when it’s cruelty free?


Welcome to the first installment of Brand Crush Mondays, where each week I showcase one of my favourite vegan, cruelty free, ethical brands and tell you all about what makes them so amazing!

I’ve had these beautiful Spectrum brushes for a few years now, used them almost every day, and they have never lost their quality or let me down. Spectrum Collections are all hand designed, unique, high quality synthetic makeup brushes that not only care about you but also care about animals and the planet.


But what’s so great about them? Why does it matter if your makeup brushes are made from synthetic materials or not?

You may be surprised to hear that your lovely, fancy makeup brushes are most likely made from mink, squirrel, sable, goat or even raccoon hair to name but a few of the animals needlessly tortured, trapped and slaughtered for their fur. The No Fur movement within the fashion industry has been huge, so many people and companies are realising how much better faux is, but many may not realise that animal hair makeup brushes are a bi-product of the fur industry. That’s why brands like Spectrum are so important, they pride themselves on not only being certified cruelty free but also completely vegan and PETA approved.

We need our makeup brands to be as transparent as our setting powder when it comes to ingredients, materials, ethics and resources. If a brand can’t or won’t tell you the exact details about their products or gives vague, fluffy descriptions then they aren’t worth your attention at all and it’s safe to assume that they don’t really care about their workers, the environment, animals or you the consumer.


Spectrum have a wonderful post on their blog in which they speak about the difference between cruelty free and vegan makeup and about their own ethics. I highly recommend giving it a read, it is very well-informed and well written. You can read it right here.

Why continue to support the harming of animals for beauty when we have such amazing, affordable, accessible, high quality brands at our fingertips?

You can shop my exact brushes here or check out their huge range of styles and designs here.


Thanks for reading!

Love, Áine.

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