Time Is A Luxury


Who says being vegan means losing out on quality and style?

With the highest quality synthetic and nylon leather, luxurious cruelty-free designs and timeless time-pieces, Hurtig Lane are the ones to watch.

Believe it or not, the photo above is not actually of a brand new, freshly opened order but rather it is one of a beautiful watch that has been worn every single day for the past two months! I bought this watch as a gift for my boyfriend on his birthday in September and instead of posting it all over Instagram (even though I so wanted to!), I decided to wait to see how well it held up and test the quality because I know that many people are apprehensive about switching to vegan leather for fear that it won’t be as good as real leather.

Well I can honestly say that this watch stands the test of time!

Hurtig Lane have attained an absolutely incredible level of faux leather while keeping up with and creating their own gorgeous styles. They have a huge variety of unique designs ranging from silver, gold and rose gold finishes to lilac straps, mesh straps, tweed and even rubber. They truly have a style to suit everyone.

Not only that but their packaging is sleek, their watches are all water resistant, their prices are amazing and their shipping arrives in record time!

Based in Barcelona, Hurtig Lane are an amazing vegan watch and jewellary company whose main goal is to provide on trend, fashionable pieces at no cost to animals and they excel at it. They believe that no animal should lose it’s life in the name of fashion and I couldn’t agree more!

Over one billion animals are needlessly slaughtered every year for the leather industry alone, why contribute to the death of so many animals when companies like Hurtig Lane make it so easy, affordable and accessible to achieve the same standard of quality and style without hurting any sentient beings?

It’s time for change.

If you would like to learn more about the leather industry click here

Find out more about Hurtig Lane on their website here

Buy the Mykonos watch here


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